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Who are the Lost Saints?

In May 2008, six police officers went on a motorcycle trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway, covering nine states in five days. They became utterly lost. At one point they rode 100 miles in a complete circle, even with the help of two GPS units. The laughs, adventures, and camaraderie that went along with that trip stayed with each of them long after the ride was over. Two of them decided to take the spirit of that ride and form it into a motorcycle club.

The LOST SAINTS MC was born.

The Chapter President sat down with a pen and paper at the local Dunkin’ Donuts and started sketching out ideas for the club colors. Many friends helped, and some didn't. Thanks to a friend and history buff Patty P, the first rendition turned out to be the symbol for a german fascist group...Back to the drawing board. After many days and nights of changes, renditions, tweaks, and deleted files, the Chapter Prez with some assistance from his Road Captain finally came up with the perfect patch.

Our colors are symbols of strength, endurance, and courage. As law enforcement officers we are sometimes called upon to perform courageous acts. Acts that are carried out by ordinary men who show strength and courage in the face of adversity.

The question mark with arrows, aka/"The Q" represents the question, “where in the world are we?” that was asked so frequently during that fateful trip.

The horns represent "evil that men do." The horns are a constant reminder that we must do our part as lawmen to prevent crime and wrongdoing.

The shield and star patch represent the law enforcement status of the club.

Our Mission

Our main focus is to attend, sponsor, and support events that benefit the law enforcement community; specifically for our brothers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

We are committed to providing support to law enforcement families who have lost a loved one due to a tragic line of duty death.

Our other goals:

We are an independent law enforcement club, and do not align ourselves with 1% outlaw clubs.

We may be bikers, but we are still lawmen.

That’s the LOST SAINTS.

Enough with the history lesson. Let’s ride!



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